Kevin Wu


Hi, I'm Kevin Wu! I'm a student at the University of Texas at Austin, and I love building things. My current focus is on building web apps in Go, but I'm also familiar with many other languages and platforms, and I'm quite handy with Linux. My current project is Nanote, a Markdown-based note taking webapp that I built to address my dissatisfaction with existing note-taking apps.


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GitHub - source code + smaller projects

Twitter - tweet @ me

Featured Projects

Nanote - a lightweight note-taking webapp, powered by MarkDown

The wooden Mac mini - bringing new life to an old computer

Panopticon - an at-a-glance dashboard for my life

Older Work

Server status - Linux server status display

Schooltraq mobile - mobile webapp for schooltraq

TextPlay - party guests suggest music via text (hackathon project, defunct)

DormMates - matching app for roommates (hackathon project, defunct)

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